Our New Summer Tour – the American Presidents

We are back for another summer tour!  This summer we are tackling the American presidents – all 44 of them.  That is 4 presidents per week, starting June 16 until August 28.  Do-able, you ask?  Absolutely.

How did we chose the presidents? Well, the girls and I were bantering some ideas around and initially settled on famous American artists.    Then my youngest decided she wanted to write a book about the presidents – I thought that was a fantastic idea and helped her research George Washington.  After we finished President #1, she said “I know Mommy, you can do the presidents as our summer project.”  Translation – “why don’t you do all the work, Mommy.”  She played it so well, it was nearly impossible to say “no”!  American artists will have to wait.  So, here we are…

America has an interesting collection of presidents.  Many presidents have either been lawyers or military heroes.  But, did you know that we have also had a teacher, writer, tailor, and journalist run our country?  Some presidents were born in log cabins (8 to be exact), while others were born in mansions.  Some came from famous political families – Roosevelt, Kennedy, Adams and Bush.  Others were merely in the right place at the right time.  But they all, in their own way, tried to make America a better place.

Join us as we learn a little bit about our presidents.  Who knows, you may even find out who kept a pet raccoon in the White House!

We will start Monday June 16.  See you then!

P.S. The posts will be on the “American Artists” tab of this website.  Looking to repeat “50 States in One Summer”?  Or “Road Trip to Yellowstone”? All the postings from the last two last summers are located in their own tabs.