The information presented on Grand Tour Kids is a selection of state facts and information we thought would be interesting to kids.  It is not intended to be an exhaustive survey of each state.  But, if you are interested in learning more about a particular state, there is a ton out there!   Here is a selection of resources we think are fun and informative.


There are so many books about America and our 50 states that it can get overwhelming.  Here are just some of our favorite books (they are read in our house over and over):

  • United States Atlas for Young Explorers, third edition.  National Geographic, 2008
  • Our 50 States, A Family Adventure Across America.  Lynne Cheney, Simon & Shuster, 2006.
  • The United States of America, A State-by-State Guide.  Millie Miller & Cyndi Nelson, Scholastic, 1999.
  • Red, White, Blue and Uncle Who?  Teresa Bateman, Holiday House 2001.


Since kids learn in all different ways, we can’t forget games and puzzles!  A really fun game is The Scrambled States of America Game (partner to the book of the same name, which we also like).  If you have a puzzle lover, This Land is Your Land 100 piece puzzle is great!  It has regular puzzle pieces rather than state shaped pieces (which we personally find hard to keep in the right spot!).


These are some of the websites that we used as part of our project: