Summer 2013 – Road Trip to Yellowstone

This summer we are taking a virtual road trip to Yellowstone National Park!  We will post an entry every week on Monday throughout the whole summer.  Join us as we explore our country’s very first National Park, Mount Rushmore and much more!

Our road trip to Yellowstone National Park will take us through Minnesota, South Dakota, and Wyoming.  Our first stop is the Black Hills, a small mountain range at the border of South Dakota and Wyoming.  We will start with Mount Rushmore, the most famous sight in the Black Hills (don’t worry, we will spend more time in the Black Hills on the way home).

Next, on to Cody, Wyoming – home of the Wild West!  Luckily, Cody is just an hour from the easter entrance to Yellowstone (there are 4 entrances). After Cody we will move on to the various wonders of Yellowstone – otherwise known as Geyserland.

On our way home, we will spend more time in the Black Hills.  There are so many options, it is hard to decide what to do – Crazy Horse Memorial, Jewel Cave, and old gold mines are just a few.  Then, it will finally be time to go back home – our journals and cameras filled with wonderful memories!

Join us!